Ruby Hill Bike Park

Located in southwest downtown Denver, Colorado, Ruby Hill Park offers 80 acres of green grass and panoramic views of both the Rocky Mountains and the Denver skyline. Despite its size and urban location, Ruby Hill Park remains relatively undiscovered.

That will change in 2015 when, following the inspiration of Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, Ruby Hill becomes host to a world-class mountain bike park with easy access for the 2.9 million residents of the Denver metro area. The City of Denver and Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) have embarked on an ambitious multi-phase plan to revitalize Ruby Hill. Phase Two of improvements will include a state-of-the-art mountain biking facility and a two-mile biking and walking trail. This loop trail will connect the bike park to revamped playgrounds, the Levitt Pavilion – an outdoor amphitheater that will host 50 free concerts every year – and traditional park amenities.  

The Ruby Hill Bike Park is a result of a partnership between the City of Denver and the Walton Family Foundation with support from community organizations including IMBA and the Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA), IMBA’s Denver-based chapter. IMBA and COMBA have worked together to champion the idea of connecting Denver urban youth to nature through mountain biking and active recreation, with financial and technical assistance for that work provided by the National Park Service’s Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program, the Walton Family Foundation, REI and Groundwork Denver.

Progressive Trail Design of Arkansas and Russell + Mills Studios are currently working on construction diagrams for phase two of the park’s development, including the bike facilities. Construction is tentatively scheduled for Spring 2015. Maintenance of the park will be led by DPR staff, with ample opportunities for community and volunteer involvement.

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