Denver Parks & Recreation

The opportunity to bike and explore the beautiful mountains of Colorado can come at a high price of transportation, equipment and preparation. Unfortunately, it is a price that is too high for many of our neighbors. We applaud and support Denver Parks and Recreation’s (DPR) plan to bring active outdoor recreation opportunities, and specifically mountain biking, into the urban core of Denver.

COMBA has worked in partnership with DPR since 2012 to help develop opportunities for mountain biking at Ruby Hill Park and along the South Platte River.  These parks and trails will give neighborhood youth and Denver residents a place to mountain bike and connect to nature through unstructured play and will be the perfect setting for youth and stewardship organizations, such as Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder and Groundwork Denver, to educate the next generation of land stewards about the ethics of shared trail use, mountain biking skills and the conservation of the places we love and play.

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