Clear Creek County

Trails in Clear Creek County are probably the worst kept secret on the Front Range. Many have existed for 140 years. Pack trails, burro trails, wagon roads, and railroads. Some rideable, some not. The good news is the County now has it’s own trail supervisor and crew, and is pushing to becoming a Front Range hiking & biking destination.

COMBA is involved in several projects in Clear Creek County.

COMBA conducted a survey to see if there was any interest in a lift-assist mountain bike park provided the park is within 30 miles of Denver. See the results. Email us and let us know if you're interested.

Virginia Canyon Open Space (Area 28) Facts and FAQ

Virginia Canyon Open Space (Area 28) General Info Virgina Canyon Open Space (Area 28)is approximately 400 acres of land within Idaho Springs. The boundaries run roughly north of the Argo Mine & Mill to the Santa Fe Mine Road and the length of town east to west. It is bisected by Virginia Canyon Road. The land was set aside for recreation since held by the BLM. Before the BLM the land was part...Read more
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