Trail Adopter Program


The Buffalo Creek Trail System is a collection of 20 trails; most of them within the USFS managed Pike Forest, a large undertaking indeed for one person to manage. To more efficiently maintain these trails, COMBA is putting into practice a “Trail Adopter” program modeled after similar successful implementations by other organizations. James Kovaly will remain as the overall Trail Coordinator for the Buffalo Creeks Trails system, but he is looking for individuals who have some trails maintenance experience to adopt a trail or two to help spread the workload.

Each Trail Adopter would be responsible for working with James to identify areas on their trail in need of repair and then organizing a “mini work-crew” of 1-4 people to fix the problem(s). Larger areas or portions of the trails in need of more complex repairs that require heavier lifting would be prioritized and assigned to one of the regular monthly work-parties. The expectation is that individual trail adopters can more quickly respond to trail conditions and quickly organize small groups to fix the problem(s). You don’t need to be a crew leader, but some basic knowledge and experience working on trails is helpful. Only eight of the trails are currently adopted, so if you are passionate about a particular trail at Buffalo Creek and have a desire to make that trail better, please contact James at for details.